International Law Course Batch III Kembali Di Buka. Apakah Kamu Adalah Salah Satu Yang Menjadi Delegasi Dari Indonesia?

Tim Gud Lak ID
Posted By Tim Gud Lak ID
17 Mar 2018
International Law Course Batch III Kembali Di Buka. Apakah Kamu Adalah Salah Satu Yang Menjadi Delegasi Dari Indonesia?
Deadline: 31 May 2018

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date: 20 - 26 September 2018

The opportunity to participate in the International Law Course Program Batch III 2018, provides significant benefits. This is a general course on international law which includes more advanced discussions of theory and doctrine. It develops imaginative conceptual and practical analysis of aspects of the substance and dynamics of international law and global governance, diplomacy method with considerable attention to international and national institutions, treaties, responsibility, remedies, jurisdiction, and immunities.

The coursework in seminars which are offered in a small group setting and are dedicated to an in-depth exploration of topics. Direct engagement with speaker is also integral to the program, as students develop their research and writing ideas, and define the direction of their future intellectual. Topics on which the Law Course has particular curricular strength and which enable students with a specialized focus to hone their expertise while also building a strong foundation in international law. We are inviting you to join a program in which you could get everything mentioned above, International Law Course Batch III 2018! See below:

A. Round Table Discussion with Guest Speakers:
B. International Law;
C. Criminal Law;
D. Private Law; and
E. Human Right Law.


A. Law Course;
B. Guest Lectures;
C. Study Class;
D. Group Activities


1. Open to The Public (Fresh Graduate, Student of Bachelor/Master Majoring in Law, Economy, International Relations, and others)
2. Minimum GPA 3.00 (last two semesters)
3. Active and Passive English Language
4. Submit a Motivation Letter
5. Have a Good Experience
Fill The Application Form ( )
Fee: $450
This Program Is Limited, Only For Maximum 20 Participants

-What Includes:
Hotel for 7 days / 6 nights
Meal in event
Airport drop and pick up
All the acomodation during the event
All the transportation during the event
Event T-Shirt and Course Kit
City Tour
Campus Tour
Awarding and farewel party
Certificate of appreciation from USIM
Certificate of appreciation from Gudlak ID

-What Exclude:
Flight ticket
All the expense before and after program

TESTIMONI from Alumni ILC Batch I and Professor of USIM:

"Thanks ILC 2016. My knowledge of the law become more developed. The event is very exciting, we can know lots of people who directly engaged in the field. In addition, we can know the culture of another country and get new friends. Awesome!" Said, Khansa (Alumnus Gadja Mada University, Fakulty of Law)

"ILC 2018 is a law program co-organised by Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia and GudLakId, Indonesia. The first ILC in 2016 was a success with participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand - a prodigious event of exchange of minds on matters pertaining to international law and beyond. It is a perfect venue for networking, as ILC 2018 is expected to draw in participants from various legal backgrounds, be it academia, legal practitioners, bank consultants, law-readers and the like. As the co-ordinator of ILC 2018, I warmly welcome you to the beautiful city of Kuala Lumpur. Let's make ILC 2018 another chapter of excellence!" Said, Dr. Mohd Hazmi Mohd Rusli (Professor of fakulty of Syariah and Law, USIM)


A. 15 March – 31 August, 2018;
Online registration, motivation letter and interview (PASSPORT CHECKING)

B. 15 March – 31 August, 2018;
Documents submitting(Passport, Pas Photo 3x4(2), Student Card, and Flight Ticket), and Payment

C. 10 September, 2018; and
Coordination meeting on Skype/Call

D. 20 September, 2018.
Heading to Kuala Lumpur and start the ILC 2018

For any concerns, you can contact Rizki Fajar

Phone: +6285691637839